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Whose house’s cat is on the display picture of your private account?

That’s quite a popular cat on IG”

“Wooyoung-ah, did wear that ring today too?”

“They sure are dating so well calling their IG private accounts “dad” and “mom”

But the owner of that cat never released that picture you used for your display picture, so you got caught from the fact that you used that specific picture”

original post: here

1. Hul…

2. Another private IG got leaked? I really wonder if going as far as exposing people’s private IGs is the move at this point 

3. ? Is toady the day idols’ private accounts are getting exposed?

4. ?ㅋㅋ

5. What day is it today??

6. There’s nothing confirmed yet 

7. Please, stop doing this to the idol industry

8. Is this true??

9. But is this proof? Are you guys believing everything egg accounts are saying?

10. How do people expose privates accounts?

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