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I’m not talking similar to the point of being a complete replica of you but

Someone who makes a similar impression, height + 13cm from you, similar skin tone.

Your humor code and lifestyle are similar.

Your shortcomings and personalities are similar.

Everything is similar and you guys barely differ

You could almost say it’s your TS(?)

Your strengths and weaknesses are almost similar, and your financial resources and educational background are also similar.

Your looks are similar and the way you manage your body is also similar

Can you date someone like that?

I’m definitely dating him

1. I don’t want to meet someone who’s similar to me though, but I ended up dating someone who looks similar to me ㅎ…… It’s a relief that his personality is different… If he was the same, I wouldn’t be able to date him 

2. My face…? It would definitely turn me off 

3. No no, my personality sucks so I can’t 

4. I can, my boyfriend is so similar to me but he’s short ㅋㅋ

5. I would love it 

7. I want someone who has a different personality as me 

8. Because of the height, skin tone and financial resources, I can’t… 

9. I definitely would date them, I would love it 

10. I would love it… I think about this everyday 

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