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Nam Taehyun (29) and Seo Minjae (30, Seo Eun-woo) admitted to all the charges and apologized.

On the morning of the 19th, the first trial date for Nam Taehyun and Seo Minjae on charges of violating the law on drug management was held at Criminal Division 7 of the Seoul Western District Court.

Nam Taehyun, who appeared in court wearing a black suit that day, said, “I’m sorry for causing this societal controversy,” and said, “I am now in a drug rehabilitation center. I introspect at myself every day and reflect.”

He added, “Beyond personal reflection, I will do what I can with a sense of responsibility as a public figure in modern society where the drug problem is becoming more serious. I will do my best to become a person who can have a positive influence without any more controversies or incidents.”


The prosecution said, “The defendants purchased 0.5g of meth in August 2022. They also diluted meth with alcohol at the defendant’s residence and administered the drug. Nam Taehyun administered 0.2g of meth by diluting it in water in December 2022.”

Next, Nam Taehyun and Seo Minjae told the court that they acknowledged all the facts of the indictment. […] With this, the first trial date has concluded, and the second trial date is scheduled to be held on December 7th at 10:20 am.

After the trial, the two left separately, accompanied by their respective lawyers. Nam Taehyun, who appeared first, said, “I’m really sorry to my fans. I will work hard as a public figure. Thank you.” Seo Minjae, who appeared a few minutes later, also apologized, saying, “I’m sorry again.”


1. How did Seo Minjae’s life turn out like that (t/n: she was in a popular dating show called “Heart Signal” and a lot of people rooted for her)

2. Seriously what happened to Seo Minjae

3. Nam Taehyun is honestly legendary… Every one of his controversy was legendary 

4. Seriously why did Nam Taehyun turn out like that? He uesd to be my bias seriously 

5. That’s a case of how appearing on a TV show can ruin you

6. They should’ve not lived that way. You need to always stay level headed

7. She looked like an honest person… You can never know 

8. Wow… I can’t believe you can get cancelled to that extent 

9. Minjae ㅠ 

10. Seo Minjae, just why 

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