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Cube Entertainment has issued a statement regarding the contract status of BTOB members.

On November 1, a media outlet reported that BTOB is currently in negotiations with Cube Entertainment for a second contract renewal, and an agreement has not been reached. The report also mentioned that BTOB members are also considering the possibility of moving to different agencies. They are currently in contact with several agencies, and in the process have been collectively offered a contract fee of 6 billion won (approximately $4.4 million).

In response to the report, Cube Entertainment commented, “As some BTOB members’ contract periods have not yet ended, we plan to do our best until the contract terms conclude. The members are also exploring various options and sorting out the situation.”

They further clarified, “The reported contract fee of 6 billion won is unrelated to Cube Entertainment.”

BTOB debuted under Cube Entertainment in 2012. In 2018, all the BTOB members renewed their exclusive contracts with Cube Entertainment to continue their path together as BTOB.

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1. What the? So they’re currently leaning towards not renewing?

2. I don’t think they’ll renew with Cube. They’ll probably all sign with different companies but continue to promote as a group under Cube 

3. But if they don’t renew with Cube and go separate ways, wouldn’t this mean that they will lose their trademark?…Cube is known for this

> I’m most worried over this..

4. I’m someone who stanned a Cube group before and I hope BTOB leaves Cube…. Cube are honestly so bad at doing work ㅜ Even if the company is doing well lately and they promote their groups well, I hope they leave Cube.. 

5. What the…

6. Honestly I hope they leave Cube and get to keep their trademark ㅠㅠ BTOB and Melody meeting together to make song is such a deep meaning, Cube sigh.. 

7. I hate Cube so much 

8. Cube-yah, you should’ve treated them nicer before

9. This just seems like any other renewal type of articles

10. Please don’t block their way and let them leave..

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