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“Seol and Su-an’s Winter”

(t/n: the movie is called Heavy Snow, a queer indie movie)

original post: here
1. Oh that’s the queer movie??? Finally it’s coming out, I’ve been waiting!
2. She’s an actress, of course she’s allowed to promote her own movies…. What’s up with the hate comments…
3. Oh so she’s releasing a movie 
4. I’m always supporting you so please don’t feel too intimidated by others
5. I don’t know what she’s feeling, but I just hope that she stops caring about others and works hard on her promotions
6. Hul Han Sohee in a queer movie…?? Daebak I’m watching for sure
7. A queer…? I’m looking forward..
8. For real? I’m looking forward
9. She’s just promoting her movie, there’s no point in attaching a meaning to everything 
10. Oh I didn’t know Han Sohee never shot a movie before

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