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Soojin released her first solo album called ‘Agassy’ and succeeded in attracting attention by emphasizing her weapon, performance. However, there are more negative views in light of her debut. In particular, the press release of Soojin’s Q&A interview distributed by BRD Entertainment along with the release of the album made the cold temperature towards Soojin even more frozen.

In the full interview, there are clear traces of efforts made to erase school violence from being mentioned. She included feelings about feeling lonely, worries during the hiatus, album introduction, areas she wanted to focus on, favorite tracks, listening points, goals and activity plans as a singer, and a message to fans, but there was no mention of the school violence controversy.

Her period meant to be for self-reflection was treated as a “normal” hiatus that got resolved. (…)


Even though she was the subject of such a noisy controversy, it was nevertheless embarrassing that she couldn’t even bring to say anything about ir. Actress Park Hyesoo, who recently took a hiatus due to school violence, returned with the movie ‘You and I’ and clearly stated the progress of the legal battle and her position, so the response of Soojin and her agency is disappointing in many ways. This is no different from the strategy of trying to gauge public reaction by releasing an album.

There is no way the public will not realize her intention to make a sneaky comeback without properly stating her clear position towards it. This also runs counter to Soojin’s position, which claims that the school violence is not true. If you decided to take the criticism and come forward, you needed a little more courage and sincerity. Wouldn’t it be more helpful for herself if she wanted to pursue long-term activities to meet the public with a little more confidence, or with a more humble attitude? If Soojin decides to continue this way, she will always have the label of “school violence” follow her wherever she goes.

1. Why are people only treating Soojin that way meanwhile Hyunjin gets to promote just fine 

2. There are other female idols and male idols who are promoting just fine aside from Soojin 

3. Why are people always comparing people who are promoting just fine? I don’t get it ㅋㅋ They all need to be out, does it mean that she gets the right to promote if someone else gets to promote?

4. Her face is so thick 

5. All the school violence idols need to withdraw

6. For real, every time I see kids with school violence comeback, I need the same types of articles follownig them. This shouldn’t be about who gets to promote and who doesn’t 

7. I just want all idols with school violence to leave the celebrity industry, I hate seeing their fances

8. This is the reason why everyone in this nation needs to watch The Glory 

9. If I was a school violence assailant, I’d want to come back too, just look at all those pushovers who are ready to shield me and still give me their money 

10. She’s so shameless and disgusting 

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