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She even had a collab stage with Kep1er during MAMA that’s why the fan asked her😭

1. Of course she’s allowed to not know… Does she need to know everyone? 

> But they did a stage together?

2. Ah didn’t Jinni even have a reaction cam of her singing to WA DA DA during MAMA? How does she not know them..???

3. But personality, I don’t understand why fans ask these questions in the first place

4. Probably she was put on the spot and couldn’t think

5. Of course she’s allowed to not know

6. Maybe because she doesn’t know any members? Maybe she knows the group and a few songs but not the members

7. Who cares

8. They probably prepared the collab stages all separately

9. Maybe it’s not because she doesn’t know the group but it’s just that because they have so many members, nobody comes to her mind, why are fans even posting about it?

10. This is why I hope they stop asking the 4th gen male and female idols to pick their biases.. They will attract so many haters

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