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“She was calling the fangirls “trolls” on her acquaintance’s IG story and posted a pregnancy card on her own IG story”

Honestly this is her friend’s but she knows all the friends are watching but she was here taking a picture while driving in the heavy rain

1. If that’s really her friend’s pregnancy card, wouldn’t this be even more oba for her to show it?

2. I seriously hate this

3. So she put her friend’s pregnancy card in her own car?

4. How do you know that’s her friend’s card?

5. Seriously she’s so weird

6. Wow she’s such an attention seeker

7. Ugh imagine how hard she’s making it for the fans..

8. This is kinda upsetting… ㅠ

9. No matter how you look at her, she’s an attention seeker

10. But even with his dating controversy, they’re still selling super well so it looks like this didn’t affect them at all 

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