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I am the youngest of three siblings.

My hyung had been having a lot of incidents since middle school and high school, and was unable to come to his senses until his early twenties. After serving in the military, he came to his senses, passed the police service at age 27, and left home.

My nuna was very good at studying since she was young, and as soon as she graduated from college, she passed the exam and left home at the age of 24.

As soon as I was discharged at age 22, I went out to buy a suit, but after 3 years, I screwed up and came back home.

And I’ve been preparing for the public official exam for 2 years

I was eating yesterday

Dad asked me if I ever resented my parents.

Of course I said I’ve never resented them 

But he said he did (resent me)

He said “I shouldn’t have had you. If I could buy and sell my children at the supermarket, I think I would have bought your hyung and nuna, but not you.”

I heard those words during lunch yesterday and just stopped thinking about anything that whole day.

It may have been said as a joke to motivate me to study harder, but there’s no way you would say something out loud if you weren’t at least thinking a bit about it right?

I really want to commit s***ide

I’m seriously worried about giving up my studies and living like a butcher until I’m 30, or I can just go somewhere quiet and light up some charcoal brikets

1. Kids aren’t born out of their own volition, it’s the parents’ will to give birth to a kid. I think it’s so wrong to say something like that ㅜ

2. Aigo…


3. I hate this so much… They need to be disqualified to be parents 

4. In those moment, they need to look at themselves in the mirror

They’re asking that question to you but you too, you could’ve said “If I had the choice to pick my parents, I would’ve picked mom but not dad”

5. They’re not qualified to be parents.. 

6. Ah that father, you gave birth to him because you felt like it alright 

7. Does he think his son birthed himself…….. And all he did is give his seed?

8. No matter how much of a joke it is, it’s crossing the line 

9. This was too much, it’s the kind of things nobody should be allowed to say..

10. He gave birth to his child himself, why is he like that?

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