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You said that you wished your wife didn’t have a job and just took care of the kids. 

I haven’t changed. Since I’ve grown up in this kind of environment, I would like my kids to grow in the hands of their own mother. This is just how I was brought up since I was young. Kids who haven’t received love when they were young will be problematic once they become adults. They won’t be able to form social connections and won’t be amicable. If I were to go to the extreme, I’d say they can even become criminals. Me too, I want to become a good father, but my kids need to have a mother close to them. This might not be “The” answer, but this is my answer for now. 

What about her looks? 
I like women whom I want to protect. If they’re too tall, they’ll give me the impression that they can live well alone (laugh). I like gilrs who will worry a lot and pay a lot of attention to me. There are a lot of people who are like that who are skinny. 

The moment he got cast on Marvel, they exposed this interview

1. That interview was so bad and weird, I actually started hating Park Seojoon because of it 

2. That’s really Park Seojoon’s interview?????

> Yup, it was around 2014? But since foreigners are sensitive to stuff like that, they even made actors apologize for similar things they’ve said 11 years ago 

3. Why are his values like that??

4. Huh? That’s his actual interview..? I’m shocked

5. Why is he saying this?

6. But he seriously sucks for saying this 

7. My mom will not stop loving me because she has a job..

8. That interview sucked as a whole, his values and his ideals…

9. I’m more shocked that he’s speaking his mind like that in an interview

10. That’s indeed a bad interview.. 

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