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t/n: context: This has been huge in Korea for a few days since the episode was out. On Pinggyegyo’s latest episode, Yoo Jaesuk & Park Boyoung were discussing about baby strollers. They both used the word “mommy stroller” = Yu-mo-cha, but instead, the staff wrote the caption “baby stroller” = Yu-a-cha. The term is pretty wide-spread but some people claim that this is a feminist movement because it removes the responsibility of only the mother (Yu-mo-cha) carrying a stroller. Korean anti-feminists + male communities have been sending hate to the video for using the word Yu-a-cha because it’s offensive since it has feminist connotation

1. This is seriously getting bad 

2. Wow.. They’re so low.. 

3. They really are working their hardest on work that will never bring them money 

4. So there are over 130K men in 2023 who pissed at a program because these men want women to be the only caregiversㅋㅋ

5. I need to go like it 

6. They’re the best at doing the most vile things 

7. Wow seriously this is fraeking low, why don’t they pick hobbies that will actually bring them money?

8. I really hope these people who disliked that video can confidently reveal themselves

9. Ughh 

10. Then make it obvious when you go out too 

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