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This is the way that they edited the opening and the ending of their content, they removed his name 

1. If the fans hate him, he should go out 

2. Idols’ image is the most important thing… This is why he should’ve led a better life 

3. He brought it upon himself though, he deserves it 

4. The fans all hate him, the muggles should stop telling us how to feel~

5. Good job 

6. Isn’t SM known to keep their people despite everything…? This one is interesting 

7. The editors are the only ones suffering

8. SM should really kcik him out at this point 

9. I feel like he’ll come back though 

10. It seems like the situation is being played out exactly the way the person who spread this wanted.. I hope neither Seunghan nor the other members get hurt.. I hope the company puts artist protection as its top priorityㅠㅠㅠ

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