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“I’m getting tired of the same combination of members always together to shoot videos… Wherever I go, Shinyu-Kyungmin is the overwhelming unit that gets showed, I’m curious about how the other members get along with each other, but I don’t know. I’d rather have the six of them stick together. It would be fun if the unit combinations are different too sigh”

“How can people only eat one meal a day and survive? And if they shove us Shinyu-Kyungmin, Dohoon-Hanjin, Youngjae-Jihoon one more time, I’ll start vomiting. I want more variety Pledis-yah”

“After the witness accounts of the new shooting came out with them being 2 by 2, I already sighed deeply. Is TWS a group where they have to go by 2 by 2? Even in their lives and the rolling paper game, the company seems to have chosen only one person to do it. Is TWS a duo group? And even for their group game, they only had 5 episodes with all 6 of them together, and the witness accounts were all about them being 2 by 2. Does it make any sense? I want to see them as a group”

“Ever since they debuted it’s always been 2x2x2, it seems like they already have fixed units and I’m so fed up of this. Pledis-ssi, it’s not like they’re 10 members in the group, and they’re rookies on top of it. We want to see all 6 of them as a full group too. Is TWS a duet team? For their official formation, their jacket photos, their interviews and now their content and unreleased schedules, it’s always 2x2x2, why not just debut them as a duet instead? Are you separating TWS with some intentions behind it? they’re still rookies, why are you doing this f*ck”

“This has to be Pledis director’s taste or the company’s “artistic sense” but we’re so tired of this 2:2:2 fixed combination being pushed like that. All the fans who came in thanks to Dohoon and Shinyu are already leaving because we’re tired of not seeing any other members combination..”

“What I need to see Pledis do ASAP is this: 

1. Give us content for over 30min like other idols

2. Stop giving us those fixed combinations and start giving us more diverse ones 

3. Release behind reactions and recordings faster (for the next comeback, give us at least during the comeback week) 

4. Please upload photos of the members having fun with each other, whether it’s about their dorm lives or anything trivial like that 

5. Reels are good and give us more cover dance during their break”

“First of all, the video quality is terrible, it wasn’t even considered a video so why do you have a video team? Can’t they just get rid of all of them and pick better ones? They don’t seem to know what the trend even is. Please study what other idols do and follow at least half of it. The BTS scenes and the content always show the same unit combinations and I’m so tired and turned off by it, the content is severe and they don’t even release any other videos… they should give us group content, dorms content, ASMR, covering the sunbae’s dances. etc. If you don’t know, look at what the fans are saying”

“If you don’t want to read the comment section because it’s a f*cking mess, at least Pledis, give us some feedback”

“I’m curious, the editing team doesn’t even seem to be picking the most entertaining parts for the video, and they’re always releasing everything so late. Why? They don’t even do anything for days after the group has already done the music shows and filmed the behinds”

“Everything aside, can you please remove that filter on their face? It ruins their looks”

“Pledis, please stop with those combinations and start showing TWS OT6, or give us more diverse combination or at least 3×3”

“The blur filter is way too severe… ㅠㅠ They don’t need that… Or put it with moderation ㅠㅠㅠ”

“Their content sucks and the way they’re being treated so half ass*dly is freaking dumbfounding, I’m saying this again, Pledis needs to get rid of outsourcing their content and all their behinds sucks. Please wake up”


The fans are complaining about always seeing the same combinations

And that they take too much time releasing videos that they have filmed the day of certain events

Also their content seems to have no sincerity behind it

There are hundreds of fans complaining in the comments now

1. The comments are honestly a mess

2. If you’re a rookie, it’s so important to show us how the members interact with each other… Seriously this is the first time I’m seeing something like that and it does look severe

3. So they’re always sticking to the same units?

4. It looks like they’d hate to change the existing 2x2x2 units. But what’s the point of always watching the same combination again and again?

5. I thought like the fans are being nitpicky with them… Why are they complaining about their unit combination..?

6. Me too, I got into them so I started watching their content but I can understand the complaints… 

7. They deserve the criticism. It’s that bad. At first, I thought they were just pushing certain duos for their photoshoots, but now, they’re always separating them 2x2x2 and it’s always the same pairs to the point I’m getting tired of seeing them. They look the best when they’re not being separated like that and we want to see various sides of them. At this rate, this isn’t just trolls talking ㅋㅋ

8. You can tell that the company lacks sense when they’re always showing us the same pairs all the time…

9. Why are they insisting on separating them 2 by 2 when they’re 6 members? It’s not like they’re a big team either. I hope they give us feedback… 

10. It’s not like the specific members are most close like that, that’s why they need to separate them this way. Why are they doing this kind of content?

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