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The reactions to their new song is increasing so why are they just keeping quiet?ㅠㅠ

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1. Wow when did they go up the chart so much?
2. It would be good if they wore a varsity jacket and film a special video or something too
3. For real, they should do more challenges too
4. Maniac is a good song… please listen to it once
5. It’s called Maniac so I got reminded of the male idol song
6. Are they not performing at year end award shows..?ㅜ I wanna see it one more time
7. I saw 5 videos of it because of the YT algorithm today. The dance is daebak pretty. The part where they spin their butt (?)
8. Maniac… maniac… maniac…
9. The song is seriously good..
10. I’m addicted to the Shorts lately

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