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NingNing – 30K

Winter – 81K

Giselle – 31K

Karina 380K

Why is she the only one being so high?

1. Because a lot of people watch her

2. Because she’s Karina 

3. Isn’t she the one top?

4. Winter’s Music Core views were good, meanwhile Karina’s Chinese fans are buying views

5. Why are these members’ views so different between them…

> This is a pretty common thing 

6. This is 4x over the other members…

7. People are really saying that they bought views because Winter’s ones were higher..?

8. It’s because she looks so pretty on that thumbnail that the responses are so good!!

9. Chinese people buy so many views. But the general public also watch them a lot

10. It’s because the thumbnail is pretty… That people watch it ㅜㅜ I watched it too 

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