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She’s the most good-naturedly pretty person I’ve ever seen. She’s just the standard of prettiness

1. Someone will come but I don’t think that anyone has surpassed her yet. From her face, to her aura, to her skills, to her personality to her luck… The only person who won a Rookie award for a movie, a drama, a variety show and a song

> Same, her career is a wall so it will be hard. Starting from Dream High

2. Haven’t there already been a lot of people who surpassed Suzy though?

3. She’s not just your complete idol, but your complete Korean

4. Looks are subjective so you might think that other idols surpassed her but it’s true that she stands out in many areas

5. Wonyoungie

6. I bet that there is since everyone’s standards are different? Of course, Suzy stands out too but…

7. Even generational beauties get forgotten with time but she keeps coming back through time

8. I don’t know what your intentions are for asking this question but if you’re just talking about visuals, there are already a lot of female idols who surpassed her…

9. There are a lot of pretty female idols but I can’t really explain someone like Suzy, she’s just purely pretty

10. There are a lot of pretty people but there’s nobody who is like Suzy. Even celebrities who are her lookalikes are totally different from her

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