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I feel like just yesterday, Jennie was sweeping through community sites for being the “human Gucci” but it’s already been 7 years (almost 8…..)

It doesn’t show in these pictures but up until 2015-2016, a lot of idols were dressed with outfits that matched as a group but ever since BP, the trend of dressing each member in a different luxury brand has started

1. Somehow, the BP members look pretty together when they mix different brands

2. I wonder who was their coordi back then.. does anyone know??

> Choi Min Hye

> Wasn’t it Choi Kyung Won?

> Wasn’t their Coachella coordi Choi Min Hye?

3. But aside from a few of them, the outfits do look like they were from pre-2017

4. After them, almost all idols’ stage outfits were reformed from luxury brands no?

5. Wasn’t it after Bigbang?

6. The last 7 years hasn’t been a time when fashion has changed that much, has it?

> I also think the same. There was a big gap if you look at the fashion in 2016. Also, back then, the trend was ashy hair color and burgundy lip

7. But a few of these outfits do look tacky now

8. Their coordi was honestly the one top

9. Rose’s MMA outfit was freaking pretty

10. But their hair, makeup and coordi do look like they were from 7 years agoㅋㅋ

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