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Aside from GF and AKMU who are able to compose their songs and release music of a different style, after15 years, they’re still releasing 100% the same type of music 

They definitely don’t challenge themselves or experiment with new sounds, they’re always trying to go against the trend

1. OP seems to have high standards. Which company do you think have good music? 
> Hybe, SM and JYP are all releasing high quality music and they have an A&R team that is working hard

2. It’s because Teddy left…

3. For real Teddy left and the music quality dropped…

4. I’m more looking forward to the Black Label 

5. Their music stopped evolving after 2000 

6. Teddy was the only one carrying them. You can tell that all the music that YG has been releasing are clones of his works now ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ they all sound like YG’s old songs but with lower quality 

7. I freaking agree

8. BlackPink were only good because of Teddy 

9. Nowadays, there are so many different genres in Kpop because the big agencies have high quality A&R team, so most songs are good, that’s why YG is so disappointing and outdated

10. Lately, I realized that Teddy played such a huge role in YG

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