Is it safe for children to watch extreme mukbangs? ~ Netizen Buzz

Source: Seoul News via Nate

1. [+926, -18] Shouldn’t these be rated 19+? Kids might watch and try something dangerous otherwise

2. [+809, -9] They are such a joke, tsk tsk

3. [+730, -15] Just reading this article makes me lose my appetite

4. [+36, -1] YouTube needs to start implementing legal regulations

5. [+30, -2] Even if these are all edible items, I don’t get why you’d want to eat it, and why anyone would want to watch people eat these things…

6. [+25, -0] We need to start keeping minors off of YouTube, Afreeca, and Twitch

7. [+23, -1] These crazy people will do anything to make money on YouTube

8. [+22, -2] They’re just trying to bait attention with the most bizarre things ㅋ why would you want to make money like this? It’s disgusting.

9. [+17, -1] Greedy f*ckers…

10. [+13, -1] They won’t stop until people stop watching and subscribing…

11. [+13, -2] So barbaric and gross…

12. [+13, -0] Guys, we only have one life. Let’s all try to live it right.

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