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Isn’t Wendy being on SNL insane

Can SM not make her do stuff like this;;
Lee Soo Man, open a Bubble account, f*ck

“Cha Chung Hwa and Red Velvet Wendy joining ‘SNL Korea’.. Aimed perfectly at global fan sentiments”

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1. [+221, -3] Does someone 8 years into their career need to be here….. She’s not even someone who’s funny on variety shows…. but… SM seriously

2. [+176, -3] And in the article, ‘Anticipating the dramatic transformation of Wendy, who’s received love from the public for her kind image all this while’.. Just looking at this, I don’t think this is right ㅠ

3. [+164, -4] They are so thoughtless… Do they have to do this to a kid who’s even working on ‘Young Street’

4. [+105, -12] I think it would be more fun if they send Ireneㅋㅋ She has to get back again after graduation from her coy image

5. [+68, -40] They should have sent ferocious Irene, why send an innocent person?..

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