“It’s bigger than what BLACKPINK did, right??” Netizens talk about TWICE holding their first stadium concert in the US

TWICE World Tour Encore LA, USA! Stadium concert!

This is their first time holding a concert at the stadium ㅠㅠ

1. TWICE fighting, let’s promote for a long time

2. Daebak! I’m so proud that K-pop’s position is growing stronger

3. It’s bigger than what BLACKPINK did, right??

4. Oh my God!!!! TWICE is daebak

5. I thought TWICE had less American fans than BLACKPINK for some reason, but they are so popular in the US. Have we always had the stereotype that Americans like sexy and powerful things?

6. Wow, it is said that their concert sales for a girl group are bigger than BLACKPINK

7. TWICE is so popular in the USㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m currently attending college in the US, and all the friends around me go to their concerts, but I didn’t go… Is K-pop trending in the US these days?

8. I hope TWICE will get better

9. When TWICE said that they signed with a US company and released their first English single, I was curious about their concept. But when I saw their concept, I thought it was perfect for TWICE, to be honest I was impressed

10. I thought BLACKPINK was more popular than TWICE in the US, but I was surprised

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