ITZY’s Chaeryung reveals she’s been tired of being compared to older sister Chaeyeon all her childhood ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: ITZY’s Chaeryung reveals she’s been compared to unni IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon so much that she didn’t want to perform together

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+401] I’m sure her unni had her own stresses about it… Don’t listen to people who compare you two and keep up your relationship with your sister~

2. [+344] They’re both so good, what is there to compare…?

3. [+223] Chaeyeon is powerful in a light way while Chaeryung has a smoother feel to her. They’re good in different ways 👍

4. [+42] They both did well on ‘K-Pop Star’ so why with the comparisons? Fighting to both of them.

5. [+63] They’re both no joke at dancing and singing

6. [+10] Both are great dancers. I don’t think people are comparing skills but rather the differences in style. Such pretty sisters 😍😍

7. [+7] I prefer Chaeryung’s dancing. It’s personal opinion in the end.

8. [+1] Both are so good at dancing! Who could compare!!

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