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Article: ITZY Ryujin’s photos on the way to work today

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+54] Just dressing them in monochrome suits would be way better than this

2. [+41] Park Jin Young better watch where he’s going at night

3. [+35] Am I the only one who thinks it looks okay…? It’s pretty and unique.. and all that matters is that the kids pull it off. I’m sure there are certain clothes that look prettiest on them but it’s not like they can be wearing only that all of the time…

4. [+57] Please do something about their coordi. Maybe their international fans will think this is okay but this is a mess. What was the mess of rainbows for ‘Not Shy’ and now it’s some skinny jean obsession? And what’s with Lia’s clothes?

5. [+9] The coordi is seriously experimenting on the kids with her weird dystopian style obsession. Why is JYP always giving ITZY the worst songs. Twice may get bad songs but at least they’re dressed nicely. ITZY gets crappy songs and bad outfits. JYP, please do your jobs… and please stop dressing Yuna in vinyl leather.

6. [+7] I think the outfits are so pretty…

7. [+2] Her waist is thin enough to grab in a fist… love you, Ryujin

8. [+2] Ryujin-ah, eat more

9. [+2] People are going to go crazy for Ryujin in a few years, not that they already aren’t right now

10. Just please do something about the shoulder pads…

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