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IU attends a Gucci fashion show ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: IU vs model, fresh see through fashion “is it really the same dress?”

Source: Money Today via Nate

1. [+545, -88] Speaking coldly, IU really… doesn’t make clothes look classy… She has impact but she looks better in cheap online clothing meant for 20-somethings but she lacks any classy or luxurious look to her. Her body’s such a choding that she just doesn’t have that vibe… She looks better in cheaper clothes…

2. [+408, -58] Sorry but she honestly doesn’t match it. How’d she get picked as an ambassador at all…

3. [+200, -26] The proportions… her face size… I’m sure she has a tiny face in real life but you can tell her face looks pretty big compared to the model here.

4. [+64, -24] Her body just looks like a little child’s

5. [+42, -7] She honestly has no fashion sense. And really, that necklace doesn’t even match that dress..

6. [+30, -4] Kind of looks like a baby, kind of looks like an ajumma

7. [+27, -5] Doesn’t even look like the same dress, the model just pulls it off way better

8. [+26, -7] Would’ve been a better look if they just dressed her exactly like how the model’s wearing it

9. [+22, -5] Hmm, the model looks better in this case

10. [+20, -5] I’ve always felt this and it’s that IU’s stylist is at best an online shopping mall stylist… she’s an amateur. Even if you dress her in the same dress, you should at least tailor it and match it to her physique. When Jung Eunji got IU’s coordi, she also started dressing Jung Eunji in IU’s style too…

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