IU steps out of the box of her usual style + make up ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: IU shows stronger make up + styling than usual since her debut

Source: Insight + Insight via Instagram

1. [+94] Am I the only one who feels like she looks like Joy here?

2. [+95] I think IU had a more provocative make up look for her ‘The Saem’ ad.. 😂

3. [+31] Not sure if I’m allowed to say this but she looks like Red Velvet’s Joy…?? She gives off that Joy feel!!

4. [+17] Reminds me of Sulli. They’d look great together dressed like this side by side ❤️

5. [+17] I thought it was Red Velvet’s Joy at first, so pretty ❤️

6. [+17] She looks like Taeyeon..

7. [+5] I see Taeyeon

8. [+8] Why so pretty though

9. [+4] Doesn’t she seriously look like Joy here

10. [+1] I thought it was Taeyeon…

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