IVE Jang Won-young “seated lip sync” scandal rises to the “front page” news in Korea

Article: “Sit down and open your mouths,” Jang Won-young × Lee-seo, reason why “lip sync controversy” is getting bigger

Source: Seoul Shinmun

IVE Jang Won-young‘s “seated lip sync” scandal is continuing to grow bigger.

Netizens’ antipathy also seems to be growing as some media outlets have released a series of articles defending the group after Jang Won-young and Lee Seo were discovered doing lip sync while seated performing a cover stage of IU‘s ‘Strawberry Moon‘ at the ‘2022 MBC Gayo Daejejeon‘ on the 31st. 

While wearing white costumes, they performed lip sync to ‘live AR’ made to look like a live stage. Even though they didn’t actually sing, it seemed like the two did their best and didn’t lose their innocent smiles for about 3 minutes. 

Nevertheless, the reason why they can’t avoid criticism is that their main job isn’t “actor” but “singer.” 

Nearly 1,400 comments criticizing their stage have been posted on related articles to include the largest online community in Korea related to idols and Kpop, ‘The Qoo.’ 

Many users on The Qoo wrote, “Even if you have to try 100x, it’s too much to lip sync while sitting down. Aren’t they embarrassed? How is that even the bare minimum? This is going to be a dark mark on our history and why idols are getting devalued. They’re never going to be able to get rid of this tag.”

“She just cares to look on pretty, you would think it’s a mannequin on stage..” “Did she come to shoot a video pictorial?” “If you can’t then you’re not a dancer.. she’s just an influencer. If she’s just going to do lip sync while sitting, I’d rather watch an AI-dol.”

Negative reactions also poured out on DC Inside following a related post shared titled, “I can’t believe the same agency that put out SISTAR (who were good at lives) created such a group? She didn’t even dance, she just sat there pretending to look pretty for a few minutes and came down?” 

More than 700 comments followed stating, “It’s seriously strange..” “It’s only a matter of time until we only see VODs on their concert stage.. “

The lip sync controversy that began spreading in online communities and SNS is continuing to grow as more articles are getting published on the 4th. Some articles are putting out “excuses” for their seated lip sync citing “busy year-end schedules” and “live AR stages are common among idols.”

Nevertheless public opinion is not changing. In FM Korea (Femco), criticisms are also pouring out stating, “If you’re going to lip sync then dance..” “IU sings with her whole body so it’s funny to see her playing her song without changing expressions even during high notes.. how is that a singer?”

Meanwhile, controversy over idol lip sync stages have been ongoing for over 20 years however this incident is expected to be remembered in history. This is because a popular group performed a special stage while doing 100% lip sync even without an intense performance, during a year-end event where only select singers were invited. 

A user on The Qoo wrote, “There are a lot of other singers who want to perform there, we should give them an opportunity.” Another user on Femco wrote, “There are many talented singers who try to get on stage just to be be able to perform once. I wish they wouldn’t deprive them of that opportunity to people putting out stages like that.”

Let’s hope idols like Jang Won-young and Lee Seo are able to chew on the growing criticism at least once while looking at the “desperation” of other non-popular idols. 

  1. [+522, -8] Jang Won-young is really tall and has super celeb-level looks but everytime I see her it seems like she’s pretending to look pretty like a Japanese idol. Even though she has the visuals there are other more talented singers.. it’s a pity 
  2. [+268, -3] If she’s going to continue on like this what’s the difference between her and an AI-dol?
  3. [+214, -2] What singer ㅋㅋㅋ
  4. [+169, -1] Don’t call her a singer, just call her a dancer or model
  5. [+122, -3] Kids with zero talents are claiming to be singers. Isn’t she basically a scammer? If a singer can’t sing why become an idol? 
  6. [+71, -2] Won young-ah, if you only want to sit and and look pretty then become a model. Don’t try to put out a reputation of being an idol. Just go out and do solo schedules. I really thought she looked pretty at first but I’m tired of seeing her. 
  7. [+55, -0] She’s pretty at her age but it’s a pity that she’s so camera-conscious and tries hard to make herself look prettier, just comes off as try hard in our eyes. She looks like a mannequin without any natural look to her and comes off ugly because of that. 
  8. [+43, -2] Anyone caught doing lip sync should get kicked out!
  9. [+38, -1] She looked so fresh during Produce 101.. why are her expressions so fake.. it’s not charming at all. Anyway, she’s a pretty visual I wish she would just act naturally..
  10. [+37, -1] If you’re a singer isn’t singing your #1 priority? Everyone keeps calling her pretty so of course when she goes on stage she puts on the cringe acting pretty. It’s really like watching an AI. This isn’t some random stage but a year-end ceremony but she sat down and did lip sync.. she should’ve been doing live if she wasn’t performing any choreo.. how is this not a broadcast accident?
  11. [+31, -0] In our country, singers have to sing well and actors have to act well to survive. There are so many talented kids but she has nothing to her except a pretty face.. she should make a living doing something else than a singer.
  12. [+19, -1] A monster created by Korea’s idol system
  13. [+12, -2] Isn’t she a Chinese too?