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IZ*ONE updates their official Twitter ㅠㅠ

“Eyes on me! All eyes on us when we are one. Thank you for being the constant light and world in IZ*ONE’s life. That was from IZ*ONE. Thank you.”

original post: theqoo

1. You have had a lot of trouble. I already miss you

2. They had a hard time, I hope the members shine even more in the future!

3. Everyone worked hard

4. Shameless

5. I hope they do well elsewhere. Don’t do anything that hurts someone and live well

6. Thank you. I hope everyone will be happy

7. I hope there will be more good things in the future, I love you!!

8. Well, do you feel good with bad comments? Just go to see Ahn Joon Young and ask him to take responsibility

9. They can compensate the victims with the money raised by the fans

10. Shame of K-pop

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