IZ*ONE wins #1 on ‘The Show’ ~ Netizen Buzz

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+354, -104] Next rigged group

2. [+228, -58] This is a girl group made by a producer who’s facing a two year jail sentence for rigging his show. It’s a bit funny to hear them singing about ‘dreams and hope’ on stage now. Considering that they trampled on the dreams and hope of others, isn’t that a bit wrong?

3. [+119, -43] Next rigged group~~

4. [+31, -38] Congratulations

5. [+25, -28] IZ*ONE’s comeback album sold 400,000 copies its first week and have a fandom big enough to fill the Gocheok stadium as soon as corona restrictions are over. They’re doing daebak well no matter what others are thinking ^^ go look in the mirror before you leave a hate comment on these pretty kids and reflect on your life.

6. [+24, -35] So pretty, congratulations~~

7. [+22, -13] They got digitally dominated by Oh My Girl

8. [+19, -5] So how are investigations going?

9. [+18, -8] It’s unfair that one group had to disband while this one’s still promoting on when everyone knows that they were rigged ㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+14, -6] IOI and Winner are the groups that hit jackpot. Got away with rigging and still got to make money without getting any hate.

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