Jamie And Lee Young Ji Talk About Competing On Mnet’s “Good Girl,” “K-Pop Star” Image, And More

Jamie and Lee Young Ji recently shot a pictorial together for the magazine Arena Homme+!

The two singers are part of the lineup for Mnet’s latest hip hop reality show, “Good Girl.” Jamie said, “When I first saw Lee Young Ji, I was shocked because she looked like me. She has big eyes and overflows with bright, positive energy. That refreshing, intrepid personality becomes embedded in your music.” Lee Young Ji said, “Jamie is very cheerful and lively. She’s a strong but soft person.”

After leaving her longtime agency, JYP Entertainment, Jamie changed her stage name from Park Jimin. She said, “I only did it to feel more like myself. Jamie is the name that I use in my day-to-day life, so it feels more like my name than Park Jimin. The time I spent at JYP was like my school days. I graduated from there and entered my current agency as a new employee. Now it’s like I’m becoming a true part of society. It makes me feel like I need to do music that I can take responsibility for.”

She added, “Because of my ‘K-Pop Star’ image [Jamie won the first season of the competition show ‘K-Pop Star’], people still think of me as a middle school student. I’ve gotten piercings and tattoos, but every time someone sees me, they say it’s an extreme makeover. I’ve also dated regularly, but people are shocked when I say that I meet guys. I think people will be shocked when they see ‘Good Girl’ this time as well.” She added with a laugh, “I want to shock people. It gives me joy.”

Lee Young Ji said, “When I watch videos of myself from ‘High School Rapper 3,’ I get embarrassed. I haven’t come so far as to completely erase that past image of myself, but I am making music with the mindset of leaving ‘High School Rapper 3’ behind and starting anew. I’m the type of person who hates on and berates myself. I am still struggling to like myself as much as other people like me. I think my ego has yet to be established. I lack experience and my values aren’t settled yet. I am still very young.”

Asked to define “good girl,” Jamie said, “A good girl is someone who can make the sound she wants to make and win to get what she wants.” Lee Young Ji said, “Someone who works hard at the work she’s given. Someone who can say all that she wants to say.”

The full pictorial and interview will be available on the June issue of Arena Homme+.

Meanwhile, check out Jamie and Lee Young Ji’s performances on “Good Girl” here!

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