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Article: Jang Wonyoung’s new styling looks completely different since IZ*ONE disbandment

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+277] I think she looks classy and pretty ㅋㅋㅋㅋ bit ridiculous how the comments here are pretending to feel bad for her by criticizing this and that~

2. [+139] I think she redid her double eyelid line by making it higher ㅠㅠ she was pretty without it

3. [+342] I don’t think she matches this type of look… she has more of a baby faced fresh charm than something classy like this. I read another comment saying she looks like a knock-off Freesia and I agree

4. [+93] ‘knock-off Freesia’, ‘double eyelid surgery’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ y’all really have no problem saying this stuff to a minor female celebrity, huh?

5. [+36] I prefer her cutesy image than classy like this.. this makes her look old.. not mature.. 😢

6. [+68] Why does she look so old?

7. [+21] It’s just a difference in make up, isn’t it? She’s always worn heavier make up on stage but it looks lighter in these pictures.

8. [+285] Why does she look like a knock-off Freesia

9. [+4] She looks pretty no matter what she does, must be so nice

10. [+40] It used to be that Freesia looked like Jang Wonyoung but now it’s more like Jang Wonyoung looks like Freesia

11. [+11] Did she get lip fillers?

12. [+9] She’s so damn pretty but of course women are getting jealousy

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