Jennie brings back the ‘antenna hair’ trend ~ Netizen Buzz

Source: Joongang Ilbo via Naver

1. [+1,965, -28] It looks pretty because it’s Jennie or Chaeyoung with a full face of make up on but if any non-celebrity tried it, you’re going to look like a thug

2. [+1,021, -44] It’s tacky

3. [+799, -8] Yoo Hee Wang style 

4. [+389, -17] This was already trendy in the ’90s

5. [+289, -7] Wasn’t this popular with ‘Magic Kid Masuri’?

6. [+134, -21] Even Jennie doesn’t pull this off… she looked way better with her past hairstyle..

7. [+85, -7] I don’t get why the media is so obsessed with her

8. [+48, -1] It’s tacky.. I always hated it when they put this kind of hair style on Asian women in Hollywood movies

9. [+49, -4] Jennie doesn’t even look good in that first picture

10. [+43, -1] Jennie doesn’t pull it off… the bright pieces in the front make her forehead look wide… and it ages her too

11. [+33, -2] She looks like a turkey head

12. [+25, -2] Even Jennie can’t pull it off ㅎ

13. [+20, -0] I hated this hair when it was trending in the ’90s and I still hate it today..

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