Jeon Somi and TWICE at the wedding of JYP staff a few days ago

People keep saying Jeon Somi and JYP don’t have a good relationship
So I posted it

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1. [+24, -2] If they don’t have a good relationship, JYP won’t let her leave the company so easily

2. [+5, -0] I didn’t see Jeon Somi and Tzuyu because of the light, I thought they weren’t there when I looked at the picture for the first time, so I wondered where Jeon Somi was

3. [+4, -0] TWICE still looks the same on normal camera..

4. [+2, -0] Nayeon wasn’t there, looks like she was busy preparing for her solo ㅜㅠ

5. [+1, -0] Is Jeon Somi standing next to Dahyun?? I’m confused by the lightㅋㅋ

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