Ji Hyun Woo and Go Doo Shim to play lovers with 30+ year age gap in new movie ‘Everglow’ ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Actress Go Doo Shim to take on romance role with Ji Hyun Woo, 36 year age gap

Source: Wikitree + Insight via Instagram

1. [+407] I wish the media would stop showing huge age gaps like this as not a big deal..

2. [+258] It’s like that YouTube channel ‘A Loving Couple’

3. [+243] We’ve already seen media of the opposite case so I think this is good and fresh. I’m looking forward to it.

4. [+125] Imagine if the genders were swapped

5. [+42] I’m looking forward to it. Does age matter in love? As long as both sides feel a connection~

6. [+21] Quite provocative! I’m looking forward to it 👏

7. [+8] Wow, looking forward to see how they express it 👏👏👏

8. [+8] This feels wrong..

9. [+49] Hmm, I read somewhere that it’s a 33 year age gap… anyway, my dad and I have a 36 year age gap so I don’t think I could watch this

10. [+34] We don’t need movies like this!

11. [+73] ??????? Are they crazy

12. [+19] Even if it’s just a movie, this is just plain wrong

13. [+18] They must be crazy

14. [+53] “Breaking biases”? Can you imagine if a grandpa was doing a movie with a younger actress like this?

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