Ji Yeon Soo confesses that Eli and his family ran away with her money ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Ji Yeon Soo reveals that she destroyed her credit trying to pay for ex-husband Eli’s ‘supercars + living expenses’

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+509] This is why it’s also important to see the parents of who you are marrying

2. [+296] Sigh… all I can do is sigh…

3. [+205] What an immature young husband TT

4. [+218] Both the husband and the mother-in-law are thieves, what did Ji Yeon Soo do to deserve this ㅜ😢

5. [+85] What a useless and embarrassing husband..

6. [+76] What’s up with the mother-in-law? She better give back the money immediately…

7. [+58] Poor Ji Yeon Soo ㅠㅠ she should’ve gotten a divorce immediately ㅠ

8. [+41] What did she do to deserve this?! I feel so bad for her

9. [+39] They have to be crazy

10. [+29] It’s unfortunate what happened but what was she thinking just buying a supercar because her husband wanted one when it was out of their means? She even sold 10 of her own bags to fund it. I can’t help but feel like she brought this upon herself. 

11. [+28] I don’t know how much the deposit was on the mother-in-law’s apartment but it feels wrong that they ran away with it. After all that bragging about the in-laws being rich… 

12. [+18] Even after marriage, please make sure you keep your assets in your own name ㅜㅜ

13. [+11] Good on her for the divorce

14. [+8] Poor Ji Yeon Soo… ㅠ should’ve divorced right away

15. [+7] Why would you transfer the apartment to the mother-in-law’s name when you paid for it… I wish her a happy life with her child now. 

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