Jo Byung Kyu reveals he got expelled from school for too many absences ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Jo Byung Kyu, “I was expelled from university a couple days ago, but dropping out would’ve hurt my pride”

Source: Newsen via Nate

“I was taking time off school so I couldn’t attend classes. I got expelled a couple days ago.” Yoo Jae Suk then revealed that he chose to drop out instead, to which Jo Byung Kyu replied, “Dropping out would’ve hurt my pride so I chose to get expelled”.

1. [+1,535, -16] Isn’t getting expelled more of a dent on your pride..?

2. [+1,374, -31] He sounds immature.

3. [+865, -50] As if being expelled or dropping out are anything to be proud of, pfft!!

4. [+101, -3] Shouldn’t it be the other way around? He sounds dumb.

5. [+96, -0] Isn’t leaving on your own terms more of a pride thing than being expelled?

6. [+84, -2] If he had a proper head on his shoulders, he would’ve thought, “I chose to drop out because it wouldn’t be fair to my fellow students”???

7. [+65, -1] Dropping out means you’re leaving school on your own terms while being expelled means the school is erasing you as their student

8. [+55, -2] How did he even get expelled?

9. [+54, -0] Dropping out is free will… getting expelled is not preserving your pride at all;;;

10. [+54, -0] Remember that he’s close with all the club goers from ‘Burning Sun’

11. [+48, -2] … I wouldn’t be proud of that

12. [+42, -4] He just looks like he plays dirty

13. [+37, -1] Did he never mature past high middle school?

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