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Article: Jo In Sung feels despondent about advice saying “you need a lot of kids to be happy in old age” and responds “I’m not even married yet”

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1. [+437] There’s a certain happiness that only people who aren’t married or don’t have kids can obtain. Just because you lived one type of life doesn’t mean that everyone else has to live that same life or else they’re wrong. I feel sad for people who think like that.

2. [+217] There’s nothing wrong or right about life~ we all want different things and as long as you know what you want, it doesn’t matter what others think since they won’t live your lives for you. If people give you unwanted advice, just let it fall out the other ear. Don’t think too deeply about it.

3. [+216] I don’t think it’s that he can’t get married, it’s that he hasn’t chosen to yet…

4. [+91] There’s the old saying that the tree with too many branches feels less of a breeze and it’s right

5. [+81] I think this is most often said by old people who expect to live off of their kids in retirement

6. [+23] But oppa can get married whenever he chooses to 

7. [+12] How did I know that an old person said that

8. [+7] Everyone has different measures of happiness… there’s no right or wrong answer.. ㅡㅡ

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