Joo Jin Mo finally opens up about his phone hack scandal ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Joo Jin Mo opens up, “The screencaps were maliciously edited, I never leaked hidden camera photos of women” (official statement)

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+1,510, -126] Maliciously edited? Then release the original files.

2. [+1,412, -136] But the truth remains that you sure got around with a lot of women ㅋㅋ

3. [+1,318, -109] Your retirement from the industry is already confirmed

4. [+120, -10] If you like picking fruit so much, you should’ve become a farmer (‘picking fruit’ = euphemism for sex)

5. [+108, -4] Men like him should never get married

6. [+97, -6] To claim that they were edited doesn’t make sense because there are too many clips of his conversations that all remain consistent in tone… Something about his clarification just sounds like he’s going in circles and he never actually denies doing any of that stuff.

7. [+79, -9] So the only thing he’s denying is leaking pictures of bodies?

8. [+72, -8] The fact that you sent pictures of other women to Jang Dong Gun without their consent counts as a leak;; You also promised to send ‘proof pictures’ through Katalk should the situation permit, which also counts as a leak. Either way, I find it difficult to consider the women in these scenarios as victims either since I’m sure they slept with him to gain something for themselves.

9. [+61, -5] Whatever~~ What’re you going to do about Dong Gun hyung?

10. [+60, -5] #1 Did those women consent? #2 Did those women consent to their nude pictures being sent to Jang Dong Gun?

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