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Joy mentioned ITZY and STAYC

“Aren’t they so pretty? These days I…”

“Find ITZY and STAYC”

“Really cute and pretty”

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1. [+484, -543] But isn’t Aespa under the same company as Joy?

2. [+239, -10] I also like ITZY and STAYC these days. Fighting for Joy’s comeback ❤️

3. [+223, -12] I’m holding my breath until I see Park Sooyoung do the kkuk-kkukie dance

4. [+78, -3] Daebak, the kids will be pleased to hear that

5. [+52, -4] The people who are whining about her not mentioning Aespa are trolls so don’t mind them… It’s common sense that a fan wouldn’t comment like that here, it’s obvious that they did that just to hate on Aespa..

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