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Joy’s real name is Park Soo Young, born on September 3, 1996. She is a member of the famous band Red Velvet. The article shares information about Joy’s profile – biography, career and interesting things about Joy.

Joy Red Velvet
Joy Red Velvet


Birth name: Park Soo Young
Stage name: Joy (조이)
Birthday: September 3, 1996
Zodiac: Virgo
Place of birth: Korea
Height: 167 cm (5’6″)
Weight: 54 kg (119 lbs)
Blood type: A

Biography, career, and fun facts about Joy

She was born on Jeju Island, South Korea.
Family: Parents, two younger sisters
Her nicknames are: Doongdoongie, Pretty Joy, Malgeumi.
His representative color is green.
Her representative animals: Canary, Chick.
Her representative fruit: the green Kiwi.
Her representative weapon: the machine gun.
Her representative drink: Green Sunrise (Ingredients: Green Kiwi, Green Light Bulb, Green Leaf)
Joy is a graduate of the Seoul School of Performing Arts.
She appeared in We Got Married, her virtual husband is Sungjae (BTOB)
She was selected to participate in the 2012 World Audition in Seoul.
She is not part of the SM Rookies.
She stars in the dramas The Liar and His Lover (2017) and The Great Seducer (2018).
Joy is a perfectionist and likes to plan things in advance. [From a Gayo Plaza radio interview (Red Flavor Promotions 2017)]
She can sing trot.
She can imitate Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants.
She likes chicken.
She has the most selfies of any member.
Her favorite number is 31 because she loves ice cream (Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors).
Her favorite singer is Ariana Grande.
Her favorite genres of music are Daydreamin and the music of Ariana Grande.
She collects lip balm.
Her stress relievers are walking alone and meeting and talking to her sisters.
Her hobbies are watching movies and singing good songs.
Her favorite type of clothing is comfortable clothes. A cardigan over a dress.
It is said that she looks like the actress Kim Yoo Jung.
Eunhyuk from Super Junior helped Joy learn to dance.
Her favorite color is red, but green is the color designed by SM.
Favorite food: She likes all foods, but she really likes chicken and pizza without the crust.
She loves dogs.
Her dream is to become a dog trainer.
When Joy made her debut as a member of Red Velvet, her father’s words when he saw her debut on stage were that she was scared because she laughed too much (Joy really didn’t smile and she didn’t know how to be cute back then).
Her nickname is a snob because she didn’t really laugh before.
According to Joy, the hardest part of her day is brushing her teeth.
Her best friends are Hayinng from Apink and Hayin from GFriend.
Joy and Yerin from GFriend were classmates at the School of Performing Arts.
Joy was chosen as the jealous member. [From Gayo Plaza Radio Interview (Red Flavor Promotions 2017)]
Joy was chosen as a member whose heart is very fragile and prone to falling in love. [Excerpt from Gayo Plaza Radio Interview (Red Flavor Promotions)]
Joy was chosen as the member who seeks the most attention from her members and likes to be recognized and praised by her members so that she can build her confidence. Wendy is the member who usually compliments her the most. [From a Gayo Plaza radio interview (Red Flavor Promotions)
When she was young, adults told her to join Miss Korea because she was beautiful and thus inspired her to train for it.
She experienced unrequited love in middle school when she was forced to represent her class by playing basketball with a classmate. The friend takes good care of her and helps her play basketball.
She said that if she wasn’t a singer, she would be a dog trainer.
She has never had a pet dog.
She likes to watch dog training videos in her free time.
She likes to watch videos related to Red Velvet.
Since she is the oldest in her family, she doesn’t have much aegyo and has had to practice smiling while training in DM.
She chose the stage name Joy because she wanted to live up to the name and become a person full of joy.
She struggled with dance before her debut.
She is also close to Doyoung from NCT and has a duet Christmas song called First Christmas.
She used to share a room with Yeri.
Update: All the girls now have their own rooms after moving into a new apartment.
The ideal type of Joy: Someone who lives by the rules, works hard at their job, has a clear idea of themselves.

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