Jung Hae In’s ‘A Piece of Your Mind’ calls it an early end ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Jung Hae In ♥ Chae Soo Bin… ‘A Piece of Your Mind’ shocking early ending

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+1,029, -21] I didn’t even know until today that such a drama was on air

2. [+1,024, -122] Jung Hae In’s popularity was a bubble and it’s finally popping

3. [+596, -19] Looks like a flop

4. [+118, -2] Jung Hae In has always been paired with stronger female leads up till now… Son Ye Jin, Han Ji Min

5. [+98, -1] In a time where even Lee Min Ho x Kim Go Eun is flopping, no chance for Jung Hae In x Chae Soo Bin

6. [+93, -6] Chae Soo Bin was not meant for a lead role yet

7. [+85, -1] Well I wouldn’t call the two leads anything shock worthy, like “huk, daebak, how could a drama with Jung Hae In and Chae Soo Bin not do well!!!!!!!???”

8. [+79, -6] The woman does not have the visuals to be a lead… and her acting skills are on par with idols

9. [+77, -2] Jung Hae In has his own problems but I don’t see why Chae Soo Bin is given the lead treatment… I don’t know any major drama she’s been in and her visuals aren’t up to par either… as for Jung Hae In, well… bubble.. bubble..

10. [+67, -3] Didn’t the drama fail precisely because it’s Jung Hae In and Chae Soo Bin? Jung Hae In’s acting has been the same everywhere, he’s only been popular thanks to his female lead partners… Now that the bubble’s been popped, the popularity is receding. Chae Soo Bin, well… her career’s been on a halt since she started dating Goo Ja Wook as a rookie. She doesn’t have enough charm or skill to overcome such a controversy. People just know her as Goo Ja Wook’s woman and that’s that. She should just quit acting and marry up…

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