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Article: JYP to launch a new girl group February 2022

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+129] Please wait on putting out a new girl group by taking care of ITZY and Twice first. And make sure it’s an actual new group, not some Japanese version of Twice like NiziU

2. [+142] As long as they’re not singing more lyrics like “more like an actor than an actor”! ^^!

3. [+27] Park Jin Young, you need to stop

4. [+22] Please pick members who can sing well…🙌

5. [+10] No more girl groups

6. [+7] Again? Another one? Why not take care of ITZY…

7. [+5] I was thinking “already??” but then I realized it’s been three years… Twice and ITZY have a 3 year 3-4 month gap, which felt a lot longer than the 3 years after ITZY debuted. Why does it feel like time just flew by ㅋㅋ ㅜㅜ

8. [+1] It hasn’t even been that long since ITZY debuted..

9. [+1] Park Jin Young, please stop

10. [+9] Isn’t ITZY still 2 years in? Or is it 3 years…? But another girl group again? 😮

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