JYP unveils members for new girl group

Article: JYP reveals members for new rookie girl group for the first time

Source: Dispatch via Instagram

1. [+166] It’s nice that they’re coming out with a new girl group but I think they should focus on taking care of the groups they have already. JYP needs to do more than just lurking in the back when their artists are getting hate.

2. [+136] Take care of the ones you have; ITZY needs better songs. The kids are good, stop making them suffer.

3. [+69] Take care of the ones you have

4. [+34] Please pay more attention to ITZY 

5. [+32] Please take care of our Day6… ㅠㅠ

6. [+23] More attention for Day6, please

7. [+16] Pay attention to the boy groups instead of only the girl groups. Day6 barely gets any promotions.

8. [+3] They’re so pretty… I can see them being at the forefront of the fourth generation groups

9. [+2] I’m not an ITZY fan but it seems like their fans are pretty upset at all the bad reviews of their song… JYP should give them something better next time. I actually didn’t think the song was too bad..

10. [+3] Why doesn’t JYP ever pay attention to StrayKids? I’m going to save all my money and get them a building myself

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