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K-netizens Comment On Visual Trio Ahn Yu-jin & Kazuha & Minji

4th-generation idols Ahn Yu-jin, Kazuha and Minji continue to receive compliments for their visuals

A netizen on Nate Pann praised the trio AhnKaMin (IVE’s Ahn Yu-jin, LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha, and NewJeans’s Minji) as “Top 3 visual female idols”.

Original post: Nate Pann

This topic drew keen attention and other netizens also commented:

– I love pretty idols with innocent vibe and natural beauty♡

– I also think these three are the prettiest idols. I never get tired of looking at their faces

– Looking at their double eyelids. I’m so jealous. I wish I had eyes like them

– Ahn Yu-jin and Kazuha are freaking pretty

– They have the pure goddess vibe and the “first love” elegance

– The three have one thing in common. They all have high noses. That’s why their side profiles are very beautiful

– Kazuha is super pretty these days

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