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 Article: “No K-Pop in a dead planet” Fans ask entertainment agencies to take environmental action

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+144] K-Pop has influence all over the world now and in order for them to continue this streak in the long term, this is an issue they need to start thinking about. There are too many idol merch being produced when our country overproduces plastic already. 

2. [+140] Please take out the plastic cover when making physical albums

3. [+88] Idol fans are truly passionate when it comes to moving words into action so I know that their passion will encourage entertainment companies to quickly change their ways to better protect the environment

4. [+60] All we need is a popular idol to film themselves recycling, which Koreans are already good at…

5. [+55] Our environment would already improve if fans would stop buying up all the fan merchandise

6. [+30] I’ve noticed that K-Pop fans in Toronto are not only passionate about K-Pop but are activists in veganism, feminism, PC, climate change, gender equality, and LGBTQ+ communities. It’s hard for me to say that I like K-Pop because then people lump you in the rest of those categories too.
– [+12] Honestly, foreigners think that people who like K-Pop are outsiders, which is pretty true too

7. [+9] If albums aren’t sold with plastic covers… it would honestly bother me as a fan because it might get scratched when I store it in bookcases or something. I’d rather albums keep being produced with plastic covers but rather cut production on other fan merchandise like fans and stuff… Not like any of us every carry it around outside.

8. [+3] For real, I have a ton of albums piled up at home but it’s hard to take them all apart to recycle ㅠㅠ Companies really need to change the way CDs are produced or at least minimize the amount of plastic used. (I personally only need one or two albums, I mostly buy them for the photocards…)

9. [+4] It’d be enough to cut back on the useless fan merchandise and make useful things instead.. 

10. [+2] Black Pink has already been speaking out on climate change with videos and ambassadorships 

11. [+2] All BTS needs to do is post a video of themselves recycling and the entire world will follow along

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