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Article: K-Pop’s first Black member in Black Swan

Source: Humor_hu2 via Instagram

1. [+278] Wow, she’s really pretty. Perfect looks.

2. [+231] So she’s Belgian… I love french fries from Belgium

3. [+170] She’s really good at rapping and has charm but I don’t get why their agency had to pick such a crappy song and let this kind of talent go to waste

4. [+79] She’s a truly charming person but I wish a ‘certain group’ of foreign and Korean fans will stop using her beauty to put down the other members or compare her to current idols… (I see a lot of this on YouTube, where people will praise Fatou by putting down other idols)… And especially you foreigners… always bringing up beauty standards in our country to cause drama but it’s not like you guys don’t copy Rihanna and the Kardashians.. you westerners are no different from us.

5. [+23] She could work as a model too 👍

6. [+8] So damn pretty

7. [+4] Pretty

8. [+3] Really damn pretty

9. [+2] Super charming!!

10. [+2] She loks like a Barbie doll.. so pretty

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