Kang Daniel’s encore live stage on Inkigayo today – Knetizen

Kang Daniel’s encore live stage on Inkigayo today

original post: theqoo

1. He can’t sing but I don’t think he has any singing practice plans

2. No. 1 with that skill????

3. I think it would be fine if he sang it confidently

4. I think he has to practice singing a lot…

5. I wonder why he’s so popular because I haven’t watched Produce yet. Does he have any other charms other than his looks?

6. When I searched for other encore videos on YouTube, I discovered that they were removed due to reports from Konnect Enter. It’s a shame the fans worked hard and spent a lot of money on him

7. Seriously, I think he should learn vocal first

8. What has he been doing for 5 years? Oh my God

9. I’ve seen a lot of idols who can’t sing, but… He’s the worst

10. No, he was just an ordinary person, but he happened to become a singer

What do you think?

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