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Article: Kang Ho Dong’s son Kang Shi Hoo “I want to become a golfer like Tiger Woods” powerful as an adult

Source: Everyday Economy via Naver

1. [+972, -13] Wishing him the best in becoming a great golfer

2. [+412, -9] It’s so cute to see his father’s genes being passed down.. wishing the best for this athlete

3. [+248, -4] You really can’t fool DNA. I hope he uses his great physique to become the best golfer.

4. [+193, -4] How adorable

5. [+89, -8] Kang Shi Hoo fighting!!

6. [+75, -1] Someone buy Shi Hoo a bigger face mask~~~

7. [+66, -0] Who would believe that’s the physique of a 6th grader

8. [+50, -1] Genes are no joke

9. [+47, -0] He’s so big and yet still so cute.. ㅋㅋ look at that cute smile. I hope he uses his father’s great genes to become a great athlete~~

10. [+31, -1] Aigoo, time has really gone by. I still remember Kang Ho Dong looking nervous on ‘1N2D’ because he was filming on the day of his kid’s birth. I can’t believe that same baby has grown up this big. He grew up so well. I support you, Shi Hoo-ya. I was a big fan of your dad on ‘1N2D’ ^^

11. [+27, -1] This kid was born for this. He got all of Kang Ho Dong’s athletic abilities passed straight down.

12. [+21, -0] I still remember Kang Ho Dong looking all nervous while filming ‘1N2D’ because his son was being born… can’t believe that kid is this big now

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