KARA celebrates their 14th anniversary with a warm excuse for Hara’s absence ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: KARA gets together for their 14th anniversary “Let’s say Hara couldn’t make it because of the lockdown rule of no meetings of 5 and over”

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+524] Uh… what about Youngji??

2. [+798] What was the point in adding Youngji to the group at all then? Still, I wish the unnis happiness. Breaks my heart about Youngji but congratulations on your 14th anniversary.

3. [+250] That is such a kind way of putting it 👏

4. [+166] Speaking honestly, most of the original fans prefer the five members of KARA and that’s the group that we remember in our hearts. It bothers me to see comments constantly mention Youngji… Kang Jiyoung’s the one who got the members together for their 14th anniversary and you have to remember that Jiyoung never worked with Youngji at all.

5. [+229] What about Heo Youngji?

6. [+94] I would not be able to recognize any of them without the article title

7. [+121] They could’ve at least mentioned Youngji in a comment, that’s pretty sad

8. [+396] Do they not consider Youngji as KARA at all?… She must feel upset.

9. [+183] Is Youngji not a KARA member? Why are they publicly screwing her like this?

10. [+44] Already 14 years… I’m getting old 😅

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