KBS apologizes for asking rude question to Brave Girls “are you ajummas?” because they’re 30 ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: “Soon 30 years old.. are you ajummas?” KBS apologizes for ridiculous question to girl group

Source: Herald Economy via Naver’

1. [+2,598, -22] Then what does that make Super Junior’s Leeteuk? A grandpa?

2. [+979, -17] No one’s uncomfortable with the word ajumma, it’s the implication that you’re old once you hit your thirties that people are uncomfortable with

3. [+665, -26] Why ask them questions about marriage? Are you her family? ㅋ Why must marriage always be brought up at this age? They’re singers, you should be asking them about their music ㅡㅡ Women in their thirties these days are mostly still single and young. I’m cautious to even call anyone in their forties an ajumma ㅋ times have changed guys, keep up.

4. [+546, -12] KBS never fails to disappoint me

5. [+90, -0] There are so many people who spend years either in the army or preparing for employment after college that a lot don’t join the work force until their late twenties… there is nothing ajumma or ajusshi about anyone who is only 30 years old ㅠㅠ

6. [+68, -13] 30 year olds nowadays are still considered “kids”

7. [+58, -31] People are being hypocrites… people have no problem calling a 25, 26 year old man out of the army an “ajusshi” but everyone’s mad that a 31 year old was called an ajumma…

8. [+27, -0] Another comment called out that IU and Taemin are the same age as Yuna but were never asked these same questions. KBS really only picks on the less popular ones. 

9. [+26, -5] KBS is still living in the ’90s… what are these questions

10. [+23, -6] Why would a 30 year old be considered an ajumma anyway? Aren’t you an ajumma when you get married and have kids?

11. [+19, -2] Sigh.. ㅋㅋ People seem to assume that when a woman hits her thirties, she suddenly grows wrinkles and turns into a monster. Foreigners must think we’re absolutely crazy. 

12. [+16, -0] What age are we living in? Asking a popular girl group when they’re getting married? Really?

13. [+16, -4] The reporter obviously knows they aren’t married yet so why would you ask if she’s an ajumma? What is in your brain?

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