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Article: Kim Hyun Joong reveals he suffered from a panic disorder from the blame of his ex-girlfriend’s assault scandal

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+502] What about his drunk driving scandal? Shouldn’t he be banned from broadcast for that scandal alone???

2. [+326] Ah~ I see~ well no one asked, and no one cares

3. [+247] A panic disorder~~ but I saw you so often at the golfing range ^^

4. [+108] On TV…? I’m disappointed at the producers who let him on this show. 

5. [+99] ㅋ Ba$taard

6. [+98] So he’s really trying to come back on TV?

7. [+79] So what does he want now? Sympathy points?

8. [+93] Just screw off

9. [+81] What’re people even defending him for? All he ever did was get his girlfriend pregnant and then force her to get abortions after blaming her ㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+33] He’s trying so hard to sound like the victim ㅋㅋ but fact of it all is that you assaulted your girlfriend ㅋㅋ

11. [+30] Never come back. Violence can never be justified.

12. [+21] People aren’t meant to be fixed

13. [+18] But it’s fact that you beat your girlfriend?

14. [+29] Ugh can’t stand him

15. [+6] “Are you a pregnancy machine”??? How shameless of you

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+341] He’s the one who committed the mistake, what’s he on this show for?

2. [+281] From assault to drunk driving, there’s an endless list of scandals to his name. I’m amazed that he had the audacity to crawl back out??.. Kid, no one feels anything for you anymore

3. [+65] Am I the only one who feels like he isn’t genuine?

4. [+27] Don’t come back..

5. [+18] Amazing… I’m getting goosebumps that he’s actually coming back ㅋ I think I’d feel so gross seeing him on TV

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+696] I’m disappointed in the show.. I didn’t think this was that type of show to let him on..

2. [+509] And what do you think you did to deserve even come back like this? ^^

3. [+339] Why not just live quietly for the rest of your life… why come back? Are you out of money?

4. [+99] I’m so astonished at the people who are trying to defend him saying that just because the court ruled him innocent, that he never assaulted her..

5. [+67] The reason news articles said that he was innocent was because assault cases cannot be charged when the victim drops the lawsuit, which the girlfriend did. In the case of explicit injury, investigations must happen whether the victim drops the lawsuit or not, in which case Kim Hyun Joong was fined with a penalty fee for causing injuries. The fact that he had to admit to the injuries means that he probably would’ve been ruled guilty on the assault if the girlfriend had never dropped her lawsuit. Just because the news came out with “innocent” headlines doesn’t mean that he never assaulted her.

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